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"Is this your first time here?"

"Don’t do that."

"Does this belong to you?"

"You look odd."

"I am smelling a lie there."

"Did you just grope me?"

"I know you from somewhere…"

"Now, look what you did!"

"Are you ashamed?"

"Seriously now?"

"Will you finally shut up?"

"I need your help with this…"

"That was a horrible joke."

"Put something on!"

"That shirt doesn’t suit you at all."

"What happened to your face?"

"Keep your distance."

"Such a jerk."

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"Sure, this city is called Reveille. Are you a wanderer? Where do you come from?" The blond man looked at the woman, his face showing great curiosity.

Apart from her cold antisocial behaviour, the young man clearly pepped up the atmosphere, causing the huntress to tilt her head to the side in question.

"I live in a city on the outskirts of Fortuna, its pretty far from here I’m guessing….?"

Next time she would have to watch where she set her GPS to on her cellphone.

sagethedreamer asked:

Alex found herself absorbed into one of the old books that she had borrowed from a library (and had never returned the same), so engrossed in  her novel that she narrowly failed to register a flower being slid into her tinted locks by a steady and whirlwind like hand, of whom she knew just whose actions it were, and who were specifically known by her for such infamous acts, which brought a small smile onto her face, then pulling the person into a short lived huddle.

"Sage, you still haven’t changed a bit, have you?"


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⊰ ♣ ⊱ — She laid there. Within all the rubble of what would be assumed as a natural disaster then one caused by careless neglect. More scars to add on her body. Her torso and left arm were visible, almost as if she were protecting someone to the best of her abilities before the attack was given.

                         Her eyes didn’t open. Nor did she move. How long has it been? Minutes? Hours? Days? Hell as if she could tell, she wasn’t even consciously aware of what had happened. Finally she breathed. Blood followed in brutal coughs. Chapped lips stained once more as a grunt was made.

                                     That grunt channeled into a whimper. The whimper soon followed silence. She wanted to open her eyes, but she felt too weak to do so. Perhaps if she could feel her other limbs, she could force her eyes open. 

                        Pain..burning and crumbling pain was all that followed as she fought against it. Injuries as such hurt the most, especially when flesh was reconstructing itself. She could feel it too. More ugly scars to match her demonic personality. 

                                          She breathed, and only rust was scented. Her own iron coated rust. Her own blood was scattered about. Shin Hye couldn’t even remember why. Lips moved, but nothing followed. Crackles and gurgles followed. No sound. No voice.


                                     Squeaks were made as eyes burned greatly. She didn’t have her eyes closed. It had appeared she had lost her contacts. Her weakness exposed as she couldn’t see the world around her. Not sure if anyone was around.


                      word was made as she closed her eyes too tired to even give it another shot. There’s no hope anyways, nobody could hear her under all this destruction..right?

As the intelligence of a rather unnatural natural calamity reached within the hunter’s earshot, it was pure curiosity on her part that she, in her shambled clothing (as she had just extinguished a hoard of bloodthirsty demons), tried to make her minor discomfort the least detectable as possible and rummage over to the spot.

Well, curiosity always kills the cat. 

Even though her form was barely mutilated on the outer side, it was cleaved apart by the amount of scars her vessel had to carry, and notwithstanding the ones to come, which were definite in her minds eye and at that moment, her weaponsseemed to weigh down on her fatigued stature.

Upon reaching the location that had been bursting on every electronic device with a radio connection through her only mode of transport that was her motor vehicle, the twinge of pity pricked her cold heart at its epicentre as she stared at the destruction caused, before shrugging the feeling off and traversing further into the wreckage, her eyes darting around for any suspicious activity as though it was involuntary––

–But then she caught sight of a certain pair of legs that only she would have placed a mental image in her mind, and as expected, her calculations proved affirmative, it was indeed, her ally, her friend, Shin Hye.

With a huff and a puff, the female demoness bounded over to her incapacitated second self, who was coated in a red liquid that she despised, but then paying no mind to her deteriorating vitality, all she knew was to get the other out of the ruins and to a safe place, and which to her was her own home. 

The blonde let out a strangulated groan, who then began to prop the other’s delicate form onto her own to provide sustenance, ignoring the screams of her body to cross the great divide.

All that gained significance in her being at the current moment was to leave the wretched area and hasten her travel to her not so warm abode, even if it meant that she would have to put her existence on the line for it, as she knew that she could never fade into the light, and it would haunt her until eternity took a close.

"Just hold on….a little bit more, you can’t leave me now, you can’t.” 

She mumbled in a dead voice, driving down the lane at breakneck speed, desperate to find her way home. 

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