I’ve got {demons} in my head,n i g h t m a r e s in my dreams, and - DARKNESS - in my heart. but I’m still s t a n d i n g. "Hey, I'm Alex Carlyle. A freelance demon-hunter and an ex-assassin. If you have any jobs for me i'll be more than willing to take them up, But let me warn you. I have secrets. Dark secrets. My question is, 'Do you wish to know them?'" [Independent Ask-RP blog for a Devil May Cry Original character.]
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Its a start! Bringing this place back made me so happy that I havent lost Lex yet, thanks for tagging along with me for so long you guys! I really dont know what to say besides that. Thank you, thank you so much for staying!

And with that, I’ll be singing off, Have an awesome day! *Prussia voice* Bye!

                                                           Killing  is  an   art

  When you enter the battlefield, let your knife be the brush.

                                                         And the ground beneath a canvas.

                       Use the {blood} of your enemies to create a terrifying….


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⊰ ♣ ⊱ — “Yeah I suppose I did.

                       A small chuckle was made towards the other. Suppose it was alright for one to toss away an old cellphone. Observing her expression she snorted slightly at the response recieved from Alex.

                            “Well you could’ve told me that before disappearing off the face of the earth. 

                     The female nodded rather calmly, yeah that was true, she was happy for the fact Alex was alive. Alive n kickin’. 

                                   ”Alright alright, but we gotta make up for the time loss darling~ 

Well, y’know, people just can’t resist me~” Alex snickered, and spun around only to wriggle her jean clad rump at her company, although she very well knew that Hye had grown accustomed to her antics.

"Oh, lets not get started on that just yet..! And it wasn’t that long.” Drawling out the that, she wasn’t sure herself as to how prolonged was her unexpected vacation of sorts. Did it really effect them…? Was a query that often floated aimlessly around her mind, a question’s answer which she was wary of. 

"Okay, maaaybe, it was a while?" Her eyebrow arched upward and her shoulders hunched, letting out a disdained sigh.



⊰ ♣ ⊱ — “Yeah Yeah. 

                       She knew that voice all to well. It was none other than Alex, her old buddy she had met a while back. How long had it been?

                                “Also, no form of messaging? How have you been?

"Aw, c’mon, you know you missed me!”

Mock woe dawned upon her features as her left hand flew to her forehead, and with her other upon her heart. 

"You broke my heart-and, that old thing? I got rid of my cellphone eight months ago, too much of a bother." 

She tried her hand at what one would call a puppy pout, with her lower lip sticking out and the whole shebang, though the end inquiry set her into place. 

"Eh, Could be better, but I’m still alive and kickin’ right?" The blonde concluded with a grin.

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⊰ ♣ ⊱ — “It’s just one of those days where you gotta punch someone in order to throw that excitement off. 

                        That’s not something you should proudly admit Shin Hye but eh.

"You don’t say, Baek." It had been a clear while since the demon huntress had paid a visit to her dear old friend Shin Hye, and there she was in all her glory, hands stuffed in her pockets and her worn aviators at the tip of her nose. 



[ I see you bby~ ]



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outrageous german chocolate cheesecake.


So, I’ve decided not to be a butt anymore and start bringing this blog back up, I’ve got loads of ideas and open to RPing AU’s or anything! I’ll be posting a random starter shortly or you could just send me an ask!

Long story short, HURRICANE MUN IS BACK!


all my friends are v cute. if ur my friend youre automatically cute sorry i dont make the rules 

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While you beautiful strange creatures we call Americans celebrate your independence day


I would like to point out that July 4 is also the Norwegian queens birthday.


Happy birthday Queen Sonja!


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Red Velvet Love Cupcakes! (recipe)